Electrical Engineering Study Program

The Undergraduate Program in Electrical Engineering has focused study in Electronic Engineering which is needed to meet future challenges in fields of Industrial Electronics Engineering.

This program educates students to have a leadership spirit and care for the environment and be able to apply research results in Applied Industrial Electronics to improve community welfare on a local, national, and international scale.









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Being a part of Electrical Engineering at Batam International University is a valuable basic experience for me, in developing my own potential so that it can contribute/be useful in today’s industry and technology development.

Alif Tony

Alumni 2012

Be a part of the Electrical Engineering at Universitas Internasional Batam was the best experience in my educational history, its help me to get my success in future.

Dian Pancawati

Alumni 2012

My love for technology led me to deepen this knowledge at the undergraduate level, especially in the Industrial Technology faculty majoring in Electrical Engineering. With the knowledge I gained during my education in this department, I was able to develop myself and be ready to compete in the industrial world and face fast technological advances.

Firda Mayanti

Alumni 2013

Advances in technology, especially nanotechnology, led me to study Electronic Engineering, especially at the Bachelor level at the Faculty of Industrial Technology majoring in Electrical Engineering, from what I have gained and learned while studying in this department I have been able to develop my competence so that I can take part and compete in the modern industrial world.

Steven Lim

Alumni 2014

The development of technology universally challenges Indonesia’s young generation to join in developing it. The Faculty of Industrial Technology with a major in Electrical Engineering is the right way to develop self-competence in the field of technology to welcome and succeed in a more advanced Indonesia.

Bagus Ramadhan

Alumni 2015


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